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Telecom Voice & Data Audit 

Our Solution

In order to find savings for you, RAS experts cut through the complexities in telecom contracts; conduct an on-site line audit, review local and long distance service, internet, cable, teleconferencing, TV service, mobile service and data plans to identify overcharges that often result in excessive payments year after year.         

RAS expert auditors:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of invoices for each telecommunications vendor, identifying billing errors, submitting completed analysis to each vendor and negotiating refunds in the form of credits to you;
  • Perform line audits, comparing the individual lines noted on carrier invoices to your network configuration to ensure accurate billing;
  • Compare each vendor’s pricing to our proprietary national database of best in class rates, then negotiate those best rates for you;
  • Provide a comprehensive, detailed audit report pinpointing all billing errors and overcharges, including specific recommendations for ongoing cost savings; then implement the recommendations you approved;
  • Invoice you for the agreed upon percentage of the recovery and cost-savings resulting from implemented recommendations once the subsequent bill is issued with actual savings documented.

Minimal Client Participation Needed

We are unobtrusive and only need minimal client time and staff involvement.  RAS performs its work off-site (except the line audit, which must be done on-site) and only needs one staff liaison part-time to authorize our work and support our efforts as needed. 

We do all the work, you just need to provide us with contact information for each telecom vendor and a Letter of Authorization to your vendors. RAS needs access to:

  • The complete telecom bills for each telecommunication/data vendor under review
  • On-line, read only, access to vendor’s invoices (we typically do this directly with your vendor)
  • All relevant contracts and documentation

On-Going Validation and Reporting

Once we implement the cost-saving recommendations you have approved, we continue to review your vendor's bills for the duration of your contract.  This ensures that you continue to receive your full savings throughout your contract.

Proven Track Record and Extensive Experience

We have a proven track record over the past fifteen years of successful reviews:

  • Our reviewers come from the industry, they know the inside tricks of the trade
  • Each telecom reviewer is a Certified Telephone Switch Auditor with at least 18 years’ experience with Telecom/data systems
  • Conducted more than 1,000 audits nationwide
  • Of those 1,000 reviews, a mere two percent did not have overcharges or less than desirable contracts; we achieved savings ninety–eight percent of the time
  • Our proven services have saved resources for all levels of government; private sector clients; healthcare systems, universities, and businesses, including retail enterprises
  • Our telecom auditing division is the sole approved telecom auditor for three of the largest Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) in healthcare

Recent Audit Results

Current satisfied clients include the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the United States Coast Guard, more than 1,000 hospitals, medical centers and healthcare facilities nationally.  We have successfully conducted reviews for municipalities, school districts, universities, and private enterprises.

  • Southeastern City: saved 57% in the first year recoveries and contract improvements
  • Northwestern City: saved 57.71% in the first year recoveries and contract improvements
  • Southwestern Healthcare System: saved 21.52% in the first year recoveries and contract improvements
  • Southeastern Healthcare System: saved 42.66% in the first year recoveries and contract improvements
  • West Coast Healthcare System: saved 42.66% in the first year recoveries and contract improvements