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Waste Removal Audits

A waste review audit recovers funds resulting from errors and overcharges on waste removal bills. Using our proprietary, national database with best-in-class pricing, we can optimize your rate structures moving forward.

Waste analysis includes all solid, bio, recycling, hauling and shredding, janitorial, laundry and grease. Medical waste has averaged almost 40% in savings; medical and solid waste together average 34% in savings. Examples of the type of waste we audit are:

     Medical waste (all types)                     Recycling                                 
     Pharmacy    Shredding
     Bio-hazardous    Sewer
     Solid waste    Autoclave agreement

Our proprietary, national database with best-in-class pricing allows us to compare the prices your current vendor is charging you to the best prices that same vendor is charging other similar sized organizations. We also compare your contract pricing to other vendors' best offers.

To begin our analysis RAS just needs your Letter of Authorization, the vendor contract and one month of invoices.

Examples of Typical Errors  Uncovered

  • Incorrectly added fuel charges
  • Using a different CPI index than in the contract
  • Prices charged not in accordance with the contract
  • Rate increases implemented far ahead of schedule 
  • Charges for pick-ups that conflict with the driver's records
  • Charges for higher weights than noted on the driver's records
  • Rate increases that are higher than the CPI index noted in the contract

Sustainable Cost Reduction Solutions

                                                                           Our analysis can provide both recovery of prior overcharges and billing errors, plus on-going cost-saving solutions without any capital investment from you.

We save you money in two ways:

   1.  Identifying, documenting and  recovering prior years’ overcharges and billing errors.

   2.  Comparing your costs and services to our constantly updated, proprietary national database of best-in-class rates and using those facts to re-negotiate the best pricing  for you—usually with your current vendor. We can achieve future cost savings by comparing your current contracted prices to documented prices of others in our comprehensive national database. 

On-going Benefits include:

  • Infinite cost-savings without any up-front investment.
  • Independent and unbiased cost-saving recommendations.
  • Review of your monthly bills for the life of your contract to ensure vendor compliance with your savings. 

Typical Waste Audit Results

  • Southeastern Hospital: saved 24.64%
  • Mid-Atlantic City Hospital: saved 14%
  • Mid-Atlantic School: saved 40.88%
  • Western Medical Clinic: saved 60%

Our services are strictly performance-based. If we don’t recover any overcharges or save you future costs, our services are free.