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Want to reduce your on-going operating costs?

Want to be repaid for prior billing errors?

Recovery Audit Specialists (RAS) provides cost-saving and recovery solutions without any up-front cost to you.  Our services are strictly performance-based. If we don’t recover any overcharges or save you future costs, our services are free. 

We save you money in two ways:

   1.  Identifying, documenting and  recovering prior years’ overcharges and billing errors.

   2.  Comparing your costs and services to our constantly updated, proprietary national database of best-in-class rates and using those facts to re-negotiate the best pricing  for you—usually with your current vendor.

We have an established track record of finding savings; only two percent, out of more than 1,300 clients, did not have overcharges or less than desirable contracts; we produced cost savings ninety–eight percent of the time.

By improving your contract pricing we are able to lock in future savings for the life of the contract—savings that you can count on.

We typically save:

  • 24% of telecom/data expenditures
  • 33% of total waste removal expenditures
  • 40% of medical bio-hazard waste expenditures alone
  • 29% of copier costs
  • 10% of natural gas expenditures
  • 10% of electricity expenditures in deregulated state
  • 7% of electricity expenditures in regulated state

What sets us above the competition?

National Proprietary Data Base of Best-in Class Pricing

We developed and maintain a proprietary national database of best-in-class pricing for the services listed above, by type and size of the organization.  We compare your current contract pricing and benefits with similar organizations and document the best pricing your vendor offers. We also compare your contract to other vendor's offerings.

Having the facts gives us tremendous bargaining power with your current vendor to eliminate excessive charges and re-negotiate your contract pricing and benefits up to the best currently offered on the market.

Insider Knowledge

Our auditors possess years of work experience in the specific industry they are examining. For example, our telecom reviewers are Certified Telephone Switch Operators and each one has at least 18 years’ experience with telecom/data systems. Due to their insiders’ knowledge of the industry, they know how to decipher the complex tariffs and intricate fee structures to uncover savings for you.

In-Person Line & Equipment Audit

For telecom/data audits, RAS conducts a physical on-site line and equipment audit whereby Certified Telecom Switch Operators match every line to each invoice at all facilities to make certain that you are not being charged for services or equipment you either do not use, need or possess.     

Continual Service

We continue to review your vendor's bills for the duration of your contract to ensure that you receive your full savings.