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Cost Saving Solutions

Recovery Audit Specialists identifies, documents and recovers overcharges and billing errors. Plus, we recommend ways to save resources going forward.

RAS is a women-owned small business that provides an independent, comprehensive solution to the recovery audit needs for all levels of government, private sector business, public utilities, large transportation and port authorities, large educational systems, and healthcare systems nationwide.

                                                                         Several companies joined together in order to provide a comprehensive solution that covers an array of recovery auditing specialties. Through our member companies RAS can provide a broad array of cost-saving solutions to meet your needs.

Even with highly trained, effective staff, working with outside vendor staff means some mistakes are inevitable. The key is to identify errors with an independent audit and recover any misspent funds quickly.

We typically audit the three most recent years of expenditures, but can go back farther if the data is available. 

Comprehensive Cost Solutions 
Our comprehensive solutions address numerous areas that can benefit from a recovery audit. Let us help you save money in the following areas:

  • Telecom/data Audits
  • Waste Removal Audits, including Medical & Bio-hazard waste
  • Copier Contracts
  • Natural Gas Utility
  • Electrical Utility
  • Account Payables and Statement Audits: covers all grants, contracts, goods and services (except salaries)
  • Employee Health Care Benefits
  • Prescription Drug Benefits
  • Credit Balance Reviews
  • Medicaid RAC Audits
  • Dental and Vision Benefits

RAS submits all documented improper payments for your approval prior to recovery of the funds.  All repayments/credits go directly to you. RAS never has client's funds sent to us.  We submit findings to you as we document them so you can start receiving your funds quickly instead of waiting for the full audit completion. Only after you have received those funds or credits  is RAS compensated for our work from a portion of the funds recovered and saved.

In addition to our on-going reporting, upon completion of the audit we develop a comprehensive Management Report for you. It drills down to the details so you will understand the type of overcharges and errors as well as the amounts recovered and saved.  

Let us help you find those wasted dollars ... call us today.